Global Equity ESG: Annual Report 2020

Geir Lode, Head of Global Equities
Lewis Grant, Senior Portfolio Manager
Louise Dudley, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Combining attractive fundamentals and good or improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics, the Federated Hermes Global Equity ESG Fund targets innovative companies that anticipate tomorrow’s challenges today.

The economic shock brought about by the pandemic has been profound and resulted in
unprecedented economic stimulus from governments across the globe. With attempts to contain Covid-19 at the start of 2020 proving forlorn, whole economies shut down and companies with the balance sheet strength and operational efficiency to survive the looming economic slump performed relatively well. 


Against this backdrop, our approach ─ which favours a diverse range of sustainable companies with durable business models and good or improving ESG characteristics – worked well in 2020.


Our annual report explains our investment philosophy, examines our engagement highlights and ESG outcomes, and provides case studies illustrating how we integrate ESG and engagement into our investment process. 

Global Equity ESG: 2020 Annual Report

Risk profile

  • Nothing in this document constitutes a solicitation or offer to any person to buy or sell any related securities or financial instruments.
  • Any investments overseas may be affected by currency exchange rates.
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and targets are not guaranteed.

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